Hi all,

First time poster here. I have recently become the proud owner of the
1GHz 17" Powerbook and am an avid Slackware user. I've heard and read
as much as I can about Slackintosh which is apparently a project to port
Slackware over to the PPC framework. The obvious disconcerting news is
that not only will I have to join the packages manually, then create an
ISO of 8.1, but I've heard next to nothing about Slackintosh (or any
other Linux distro, for that matter) on this Powerbook. I'm DETERMINED
to make it happen, but not at the expense of screwing up my hardware
because of unsupported stuff. I don't care for Red Hat all that much
because of some extreme bugginess and superfluous bloatedness, but I've
heard nothing but good stuff from reading all of your posts about YDL.
I've allocated 15GB for just linux. I have tried installing YDL
already, with the install-safe method, but the partitioning is a bit
confusing to me as I've not used yaboot before. After I told YDL where
to go on the hard drive, the next step or two asked me to specify the
label for the available bootable OS's and, unfortunately, OS X wasn't
one of them. As much as I love linux, I just can't part with Panther.
My question is two-fold: has anyone had any experience with Slackintosh
on a Powerbook and has anyone been able to get YDL working successfully
on the 17"-ers? I'm chomping at the bit to get Linux on this thing, but
I'll be patient because I know of the possible consequences installing
unsupported stuff from previous experiences. I would be MOST grateful
for any and all insight on this one. I've googlized until I'm at my
wits end, including subscribed to the slackintosh.exploits.org mail.

Thanks so much in advance,