I found a need to add another disk to my completed installation.
So I booted up under the MacOS (I have a 601/120 upgraded to a 604e/180)
and formatted the disk as an Apple disk (using APS PowerTools). Comes
up under the MacOS as a standard Mac volume now.

I ran kudzu from the commandline (it didn't fire up on reboot automatically)
and it appears to have altered the /etc/sysconfig/hwconf file to reflect
the new disk:

class: HD
bus: SCSI
detached: 0
device: sdb
driver: ignore
desc: "Quantum FIREBALL1080S"
host: 1
id: 6
channel: 0
lun: 0
generic: sg2

However, I still need to re-format the disk properly to a Linux ext3
format. I've looked for a graphical manager (such as anaconda presented me
with during install) but haven't found anything (aka disk druid). Can
anyone point me to a graphical disk formatting/maintenance tool that
will work under YDL 3.0?

Or do I have to use pdisk/parted?

thanks much for any pointers,