Greetings all,

I have successfully installed Alsa after my weekend of hell with 0.9.7.
I now have 0.9.6 installed, and everything seemed to work great until I
had a chance to acutally use the system in a realistic situation.

The problem is, with sound on in Sawfish (I realize this isn't desirable
anyway), I can't start XMMS or RealPlayer. After crashing Sawfish,
restarting, and finally abolishing all enabled sound options, I have
audio again.

However, if a program is using the device and a second app is started
that wants to use the device the second app just crashes, at least until
the device is free.

I suspect that this is because the apps I am using are made for the OSS
system rather than ALSA. Is this a correct assumption?

Also, has anyone had experience using ALSA with pbbuttonsd?