I'm trying to install DEBIAN on my 7043-150 but it won't boot or - if it
attempts to boot (from floppy) throws an error nagging something like "could
not open deblocker"... According to several FAQs this means something like -
the kernel image doesn't fit.....


IBM RS6000
Type: 7043-150
aka: 43P 150
RAM: 512MB
HDD: 8 Gigs

I've upgraded Microcode to TCP03126 using SMS

I've tried the PREP and CHRP Image files included with Woody - without
I took a look at ( ) a how to install
Linux on an IBM RS/6000 eventhough it is written for a 7248 - tried anyway -
without success

Does anybody know about a working bootdisk or image? This would really help
me out...

If nothing works I'll slaughter a goat or sacrifice a chicken in order to
ban the devil out of that black box of despair... just kidding

Thanks anyway....