Genesi is coming to the Hilton Garden Inn in Washington, DC on October 18th
to present it's PowerPC based computer platform - the Pegasos!

The Pegasos will be the highlight of this event. This is the latest model
from Genesi - and supports both G3 and G4 PowerPC processors. The Pegasos is
a highly affordable computer system based on the CHRP standard and supports
at least seven flavors of Linux including Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo, Yellow
Dog and others.

To compliment the Pegasos and provide a complete solution, Genesi has
developed MorphOS - a preemptive multitasking operating system. MorphOS
combines a modest footprint with scalability, high performance, and amazing
ease of use for developers and end users. Its beautifully designed interface
and modular object-oriented design offers a modern solution out of the box.

Some operating systems work through emulation including Amiga and Macintosh,
and other operating systems such as QNX, OpenBeOS and NewOS are under
development already.

You are invited to see our presentations and have actual hands-on experience
with the Pegasos system. We'll have many machines available showing you the
latest operating systems, applications, networking, Internet solutions and

So come to the Hilton Garden Inn convienently located at the McPherson
Square Metro Stop (Orange and Blue lines). The event is scheduled from 10am
to 4pm on Saturday the 18th of October. We'll see you there!