Hi --

I've been running YellowDog Linux on some PowerMac 7200s for a while,
and I've run into an issue. Here's what happened:

- One of my servers croaked a couple weeks ago. Initially the server
would seemingly lock up, forcing me to do a reboot only to lock up
again after a while. Eventually, the machine was not rebootable. It
would power up, but there would be no startup sound... clearly a hosed

- So, I transferred the drives and RAM into another 7200 I had laying
around. The machine powered up fine, the BootX window would come up,
I'd click "Linux", the screen would go black and.... nothing. There
would be no apparent disk noise, and no services became available after
several minutes of waiting.

- I then booted into Mac OS, and it booted fine, so there's less of a
chance IMO that this is a hard drive hardware issue. That's still a
possibility, I suppose.

Is there any way I can go about diagnosing this problem? Is there a
way to run a disk check on my Linux partition(s) from the YellowDog CD,
for instance? I would think that would be one place to start. Any
other ideas as to what the problem is and/or how to fix it? I'd like
to resurrect it if at all possible (at least temporarily to retrieve a
few files), but if I have to reinstall it wouldn't be too bad

BTW, I believe this particular machine is running YDL 2.3 - certainly a
2.x version - and the 2.2.x kernel (I had issues with 2.4.x).

Thanks for the help.

-- Steven