Hi All...
I have got nice old PowerBook G3 (266Mhz, 128RAM, 4Gb HDD, ATI Rage PRO LT)
and I'd like to have Linux (Debian Woody) as the only system installed on
it... I have managed to install linux (created 2 ext2 partitions, one of
them is /swap) without any problems, but can't get that thing to boot ( !
It has OF version 2.0.1 and I have tried all those parameters such as setenv
load-base 1000000 and setenv boot-device ata0@0:2 , setenv boot-file vmlinux
............. but nothing worked... I have no CD-ROM so there is no chance
reinstalling MacOS and running BootX.. I've found System 7.5.3 floppy
version, but it is in .SMI format which I can't write on floppies on my PC
(only machine available to me WinXP...).

Is there any way how I can get this machine to boot into linux without
having to reinstall MacOS ? How would I create floppy to boot my installed
Linux (on PC)?
Any help appreciated...