I'm a linux newbie trying to get YDL 3 running on a PowerMac 8500 with
built-in video, using KDE.

Everything goes fine up until I enter "startx". Then I get either a
narrow "pink" display, which is unusable, or a full-width "rolling"
display that seems to have good colors but no vertical sync.

I've tried changing some of the parms in "XF86Config", but nothing seems
to change the display. I know the file is getting read, because when I
make an error in my entry, I get an error message.

I'm using BootX to get into linux, and I've tried both checking and
unchecking the "Video Driver" checkbox, with no obvious benefit.

Once or twice I did get a usable KDE screen, but with a very low refresh
rate (lots of flicker). Now I can't even get that, but I don't know why.

I've reloaded YDL twice ,from scratch -- no joy.

XF86Config says something about a "generic" video card. Is there a
different item I could select that would work?

Can someone who has had some success with this give me a couple of
suggestions? Or send me a copy of an XF86Config file that will work?

thanks, Isaac