XJ650J MAXIM wrote:
> Been playing with yellow dog for the last two days and a few things
> are on my mind:
> I can't find any gui package managers on my install.
> I can't find any gui disk partitioners on my install.
> I only get gnome and kde - what about fvwm and blackbox?
> It won't recognize my indigo imac's modem, but I'm going to fight with
> that for a while.
> When I change to superuser in the console, I have to address all
> superuser commands by the directory /sbin. That's annoying.
> Okay, I'm spoiled. I'm used to mandrake and its cheater package
> manager and control center.


Yellowdog vs. Mandrake will probably get down to what kind of hardware
you have and what your workstation/desktop needs are. I spent the last
month doing A-B comparisons of both for my old POS S900, and my
conclusion is that while Mandrake PPC 9.1 on an old Umax 604/225 may
look better, seem friendlier, and offer a much wider variety of X86
linux distro-current apps including alternative window managers and
multimedia apps compiled for the current 3.X GCC . . . it's ultimately a
worse choice than Yellowdog in terms of hassle and stability for that
box and my windowmanager needs (fluxbox and/or enlightenment, perhaps
the current icewm, with gnome suppport - I like gnome-terminal tabs for
example - but not the full-on gnome environment.)

Assuming you know about and are happy with Mandrake 9.1 PPC, what's your
angle in test-driving Yellowdog ? If it's greater hardware
compatability/robustness and a larger, non-subscription "free" user
base, plus RH conventions, I'd say those points definitely are
Yellowdog's edge (assuming they matter to you).

If you're just loooking for tips on how to make it as hassle-free to use
and update as Mandrake's package manager/control center, that's easy -
go to the YDL support page, update the sources.list file they link to in
/etc/apt, and then open a terminal and type apt-get update (assuming you
have a working internet connection).
Now, type apt-get compat-libstdc++. Next add some YDL 2.3 contrib,
extra, and extra2 lines in sources.list and you can install slightly
older but stabler GCC 2.X versions of just about anything you can think
of with just apt-get install [whatever] in the command line. Once
you're used to it, you'll find the GUI seems . . . clunky.

BTW, a lot of the cool mandrake contrib stuff like fluxbox (much
improved version of blackbox IMO, you probably should be using it rather
than blackbox at this point) and various TrueType fonts work fine with
no dependency hell right out of the box with YDL 3 - just find the RPM
with rpmfind.net and download the RPM and rpm them in. Throw in stuff
from Conectiva's or PLD's ppc snapshots and Freshmeat YDL rpms, and
you're 95% app/feature-comparable to Mandrake with a much stabler and
robust installation, at least on older hardware in my experience.

It was the constant freezes following/during use of the Mandrake updater
GUI, and corruption of hwclock-related files . . . the goofy Old World
boot methodology + flaky hardware support, and the lack of apt support
that led me back to YDL. You milage may vary.

My two cents.