After the end of selecting the packages, Anaconda crashes!

My HD-Partitions:
1. 8 GB HFS+ (for Mac OS X)
2. 15 GB HFS (for OS 9)
3. 16 GB Unallocated (for YDL)

My machine:
G3 233 DT

Installer runs through, but after the package selection, when it starts to
write the data to the disc it crashes: "Formatting failure".

The curios thing: The first time, I tried to install YDL, everything went
very well, untill I inserted the third disk, after the the first disk, not
the second one. So I aboted it manually, and from there, I always had the
same problem!!!
I have a dual display, one with the orig. ATI, and a second with a Voodoo 3
2000. But this should not be the problem.

In the meantime, I formatted my disk 2 times with zero data, but the
installer doesn't work anymore.

Please help!!!