Barry Smith wrote:

> I've run Yellow Dog, Mandrake, and Debian on my Wallstreet. Debian has
> been the best so far. Yellowdog wasn't bad, though I had lots of
> trouble w/ wireless (never did get it going).

I don't have any wireless. I connect through ethernet and, maybe I
should have added this, don't use USB nor Firewire, but have an external
SCSI burner and have both ZIP and floppy drive modules on the PB.

> Mandrake 8.2 had kernel
> crashes often - at least every 3 days.

I'll steer away from it.

> So far so good w/ Debian (I've
> been running it about a month). I had a 5 Gb drive w/ OS 9 and Linux
> on it. I'm not sure how much you really need for OS X. Good luck.

Btw, thanks for the overview.

Nicola "nez" D'Agostino