In article , Rolf
Hemmerling wrote:

> Hello !
> If got for free from the garbage:
> Performa 5200 with keyboard and mouse
> PowerPC603,
> harddisk Quantum TRB850A,
> cd-rom Mat**** ACD-ROM CR-800SA ( SCSI id 3 )
> 40 MB RAM
> I got no installation CD-ROM, but a working system is on the harddisk,
> floppy and CDROM are functional. No known hardware failure. Obviously
> just given to the garbage as an old Pentium1 system...
> a) If I should turn to Linux,.. do I need an Apple installation CDROM
> anyway ( and not just to "return" to MacOS someday ) ? If so, is there

> b) Please point me to and propose/suggest FREE downloadable
> Linux-for-Mac distributions.

> Rolf

Hi Rolf

you should be able to install Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 ('woody'), as the
following link suggests

so go to the Debian site and there you can find ways to download Debian
GNU/Linux for free (hey, you have to pay for the phonecall and the
online time!)

You'll find installation manuals in German somewhere in there.

You can download the entire iso CDs (if your link is fast)


just get the base and macintosh_install files and check it works for
you. There are ways to put just a few files into your system if you're
willing to experiment. You can download any files you need, and check
the Packages files which list dependencies.

Good Luck, and have fun...