Hi to all,

I've some problem installing YDL 3.0 on a Powermac 6400.
It seems have problems with the video card.

I've installed a Vodoo3 Villagetronic card MP 750 the kernel recognize
the Vodoo3 processor not the card.
Starting Anaconda X windows the system tell me that inpossible to open
screen. and the install stop down.

I've tryed again without the Video Card but nothing to do.

Before that, I have beginned the anaconda installer but the HD was too
little (2.3 gb ) to continue the installation. After was not possible to
continue with the installer for the video reasons ?

I' tried to change the settings in BootX 1.2.2 starting in OS 8.6 with
the options : No video driver and / or Force Video setting but without

Do you have any suggest for that ?