Kendall Bennett wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> We are doing some PowerPC Linux development and I am looking for a good
> book on programming the PowerPC architecture (including info on low
> level assembly programming and interfacing to hardware). I did a search
> on Amazon, but it seems all of the books they have are out of print.
> Does anyone have any good recommendations for books that are currently
> in print? Any Mac programming books that might cover this stuff? Linux
> specific books?
> Thanks!

Well, first and foremost go to IBM or Motorolla and get the user manual
for the chip you are working with, and the "Programming Evironments
Manual for the PowerPC architecture" book from motorolla (both free).
This should give all the low level detail that you need. After that I
would get "Building embedded Linux Systems" and "Understanding the Linux
Kernel" both from Oreilly. Lastly, for the low level PowerPC specific
aspects of linux I would just poke about the arch/ppc subtree of the
kernel source.