I've just gotten a 'snow' iMac (600 MHz G3, FireWire, CD-R, MacOS
10.2), and was a little disappointed to learn later that, even if I
bought iDVD and an external drive, I wouldn't be able to create video
DVDs under OS X because it's not a G4.

So, my next best hope is to buy an external DVD writer and run it
under Linux. However, I can't find a reference to any software which
would allow me to create video DVDs. Can anyone recommend / suggest

Also, will I be able to hook up my Canon digital camcorder via
FireWire and download video with Linux?

Finally, if the DVD route isn't feasible, a VideoCD wouldn't be too
bad, if I can locate a supported external CD-RW drive - does anyone
have one working with their iMac, on either USB or FireWire? My
trusty MicroSolutions Backpack appears to have no MacOS support, and
the only Linux support I've seen is for a PC-style parallel port,
which I don't see on the iMac.