In article <>, Duke Robillard wrote:
> wrote:
>> Yuri scriveva:
>>>YDL 3 don't support airport extreme.
>>>For now.
>>>Does anyone heard some news about it?

>> As far as I know the problem is not in YDL but in the kernel Linux: it
>> doesn't support the "new" protocol (I don't remember the name) of
>> extreme.

> 802.11g, and yeah, it's not just YDL...there aren't any 802.11g Linux
> drivers yet.
> There should be soon...there are a lot of PCish 802.11g cards nowadays,
> so there's a big market asking for drivers.
> But I dunno about the Apple hardware driver...that'll probably take
> longer.
> Duke

Actually, my wife had Airport Extreme working with Mandrake Linux 8.2, and she g
ot it working with Debian 3.0 Woody, which I'm using now. I use an Orinoco card
in my Powerbook Wallstreet G3 to conect to the base station. We *did* have a lot
of trouble with YDL - and it was related to the kernel. I don't know why she co
uldn't get it to work with that exactly; but she was having trouble making modul
es. She rebuilt the kernel at least seven times. In the end, she had errors upon
trying to install orinoco_cs via the /sbin/insmod command, and upon rebuilding
pcmcia_cs, had problems with unresolved symbols. Hope that helps.