I'm trying to run LinuxPPC Q4 2000 on my Powerbook 3400c. After installing, X
won't start and I assume this is just because my XF86Config isn't right.

However, I have trouble editing it because I keep getting a console message
"gdm.pid says that gdm was running, but was unexpectedly murdered." While this
is happening, the X process is also continuously restarting, and the console
keeps flicking to the black X server screen, and then back to the console window
I was in. the GDM process and the X processes will not kill and keep respawning
themselves on new PIDs. I don't even want GDM, as I want to run KDE and login
from the console.

Any suggestions on how I can temporarily stop X and gdm (to uninstall it) in
order to fix my X config files would be greatly appreciated! It's driving me

My system is:

Powerbook 3400c
1GB apple hard disk
kernel 2.4.10 ppc via BootX (I find that this kernel is more stable than the
LinuxPPC Q4 2000 supplied 2.2 kernel)

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