Just to set the record straight, in case anyone else has this problem:

although I found the kernel parameter line written like this in a number of


I found the simple change was to do

which worked fine. Maybe the kernel does things differently nowadays.


me wrote:

> Hi,
> I just installed YDL (v2.0 that I had around) on my PM 8500 (with XLR8
> G4 upgrade card). I upgraded the kernel to 2.4 (I have tried both
> 2.4.20-benh10 and the BitKeeper 2.4.21 kernels). This all seems to work
> very nicely (2.4 is so much quicker than 2.2!). The main problem I have
> is that the kernel parameters I am supplying through BootX
> video=controlfb:vmode:16,cmode:16
> don't seem to get through, somehow, and the screen always starts up in
> 640x480 (I am starting at runlevel 3 until I am happy with everything).
> I have had to add fbset commands (fbset 1024x768-75) to rc.local to get
> the proper resolution. X does work OK, but then that's because I used
> fbset to determine the best mode, and then put that into my XF86Config
> file.
> I know 'controlfb' is the correct driver for the 8500, and the kernel
> parameters are being seen, as they appear in dmesg, but further down I
> see a line like
> controlfb: using video mode 8 color mode 0
> I would be grateful for any pointers. I am working around theproblem,
> but I would like to understand what it is I am working around ;-)
> Michael
> PS I have got BootX setting the L2 cache properly.