Bryan E. Boone wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've recently installed YDL 3.0 on my G4 Mac. It works great except my
> soundcard.
> When I use the "auto detect", ydl finds the internal device (sends music to
> my Mac speaker)
> instead of to the souncard (and external speakers). Conseqently, I can't
> hear my cds and mp3s
> (a must during development)
> Thanks for any help
> -Bryan

I also have YDL3 installed on my G4500 (sawtooth), and i've only had
success with playing mp3's, either from a CD or the HD. I've not been
able to play CD's at all. But when i play mp3s if i plug the speakers in
they work ok, what model G4 is yours? What do you use to play CD's and
how have you set it up? I'm using xmms, i also tred this
only the MP3 part seems to work. Sorry i can't really help you, but you
may be able to help me, i hate not being able to play audio CDs.