Whom wrote:
> John Egerup Jørgensen wrote:
>>I have just installed Yellow Dog 3.0 on a PowerMac 180 mp. It went fien
>>all the way until the first boot. It comes to something like "first time
>>boot .
>>. ." ( I think it's the last item en the boot menu)
>>The screen goes black for a couple of seconds then the textbased login
>>screen comes on for about 1 second and then again black screen for 5 sec.
>>This goes on and on (for ever ???)
>>Anybody got an idea for what i can do ??

> Try Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get to the 2nd text console, from there you can
> log and try to see what's going on.
> According to what you describe it seems (it's a guess +-50%) that the system
> has trouble going through: /etc/rc.d/init.d/firstboot. You may want to read
> what the script does.
> Did you configure X to start automatically during the install? With a
> default user?

Just had something similar with YDL 2.3 -- told install the wrong
monitor settings. It looked like X server starting and stopping the
whole time. Drove me nuts. Wish I'd known about Alt-F2!

Have you tried a very low-spec for the monitor before installation, such
as 800x600, thousands of colours?


David H