JosephKK wrote in <> :

>Does anyone know of a tablet PC that runs Linux? I can give up some
>fancy functionality (like handwriting recognition) so long as all the
>normal stuff runs in Linux. Bigger screens are a bonus. like a
>Fujitsu T1010.

I imagine most or all can nowadays. I've got Debian "Lenny" on a
5-year-old Acer TM110. I think the only thing that is unusual about
them is the digitizer built into the screen. Mine is a Wacom and is
configured in Xorg.conf just like a standalone graphics tablet would be.

The various linux installers didn't configure the tablet, the buttons
around the screen frame, nor the tablet & screen rotation but I found
enough info via Google to get it done.

I don't use any handwriting recognition stuff but I think it's available
to some extent (xstroke?).