OP wrote:
} The Asus notebook-PC: model Eee 2G surf, at my local store
} priced equivalent to U$385, had no documentation.
} And the [linux] loading of Open-Office-2.0 was faster than
} my PC. So I guess it uses a fast CPU. But this means plenty
} battery power consumption ?
} Please tell what is the full-charged-battery-life expected to
} be. And what type of cells does it use ?

Nat ag wrote:-
>Depends on the eeePC'S version. But it is not a fast CPU. 1.6 MHz
>at the most. There are now eeePC's with VIA orIntel (Atom) CPU,s.
>The latter should be faster.

I've read that Atom will be for less power consumption.
Which is how it aims for very portable devices.

>The increased loading probably is the result of the disk type.
>These computers use memory cards instead of hardware hard drives.

Bu wrote:-
] Here: [64]http://wiki.eeeuser.com/eee_pc_701#models
] you find an overview of all the models including battery
] type/life and processor speed.
] The price you give is a littlebit much.
] Its a nice gadget. But keep in mind the screen is small.

OK thanks.
Some site writes about a 'small silent fan'; which is absurd.
Even the mention of legs/spacers to allow air circulation
shows that the CPU is inappropriate for pocket-size.
Intel is based on the US model of brute-force & ignorance.
But they seem to be chasing the low-power-consumption
devices now.

I can't quiet understand how applications which assume
a standard aspect-ratio display would handle the eeePC,
unless you can flip the view up & down ?

== Chris Glur.