My laptop reports the following error when booting Ubuntu:

8254 Timer not connected to IO-APIC

Evidence suggests that this is the cause of very frequent freezes (the
whole thing
freezes to the point that a power off is the only possible action),
since when I boot
with the noapic boot option, the thing runs for hours without
freezing (and the usual
"mean time between freezes" is in the order of a few minutes).

However, when booting with noapic, I have no networking --- both wired
and wireless
networking fail; as if I had no network devices installed.

Is there any way around this? That is, solution #1: is there a way
to make networking
run with no apic ?? Or, solution #2: is there some way to avoid the
problem entirely?
(the Timer not connected to IO-APIC).

The exact laptop model is Satellite A100 (Celeron M 1.7GHz).
Flashed the BIOS a
few weeks ago, but didn't affect the problem.