How is this for a suggested new Linux distribution?

"QKnoppix, Knoppix with the brand-new beryl desktop (Eat that,
Microsoft!), runs in 128 mb of physical ram and the only Linux
distribution optimized to run like a bunny under qemu.exe. Available for
a modest fee from Patrice Bellard, Somewhere, France.

The CD platter for QKnoppix probably won't boot up on anything except a
10-year old computer, but it will boot up as a live CD with qemu. And,
it will install and run extremely well on any 10-year old computer or
modern laptop, complete with qemu modem, using qemu.

The only Linux distribution that features the tcc (Tiny CC) compiler,
along with a test suite of Windows applets, such as cardfile, ported to
Linux and compiled using tcc."