Jules writes:

>I'm going through the process of getting Slackware set up on a Dell
>Inspiron 2200 at the moment.

>One thing I've found is that the backlight refuses to turn off; after a
>certain amount of time the display will blank, but it seems that the
>backlight never switches itself off (even with the lid closed).

>I'm not entirely sure which part of Linux should be responsible for this
>(ACPI, X Windows, or something else), or even if it's a Linux problem at
>all (i.e. is it Linux's responsibility to disable the backlight when the
>lid's closed or after a certain period of inactivity - or is that entirely
>a hardware thing?)

Nothing in Linux controls this. This is hardware.

>The 'change brightness' key combination for the laptop (Fn and up/down
>cursor) does work, but it doesn't allow me to turn the backlight off
>completely (but does at least suggest that low-level software access to
>the backlight hardware is working!)

>Any pointers as to how to set it up how I want? (I'm still thinking about
>suspend/hibernate options, but at the very least I'd like the backlight to
>go off when the lid's closed!)

>System is Slackware 11, kernel updated to (ACPI enabled), Xorg
>6.9.0 and the video chipset's an Intel 915GM.



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