I have just got involved with a couple of new laptop computers. One
is a Compaq V2570ca which is an AMD Turion 64 bit board with
ATi graphics which uses 128MB of shared memory. The other is an
Acer Aspire 3613 which I do not know much about yet (Celeron
with Intel graphics).

I suspect that the Aspire also uses shared memory for graphics.
At this stage I am just learning about them both. Eventually, I
will try to put SuSE on the Compaq. At least that is the current
plan. However, the first thing I want to do is check the memory,
then upgrade the Aspire from 256MB to 512MB and then recheck the

Memtest86 has been around a long time -- long enough that I suspect
Shared graphics memory will not be a problem. But I thought I would
ask before running it. Have there been problems running Memtest86
on such configurations?

Also, I know that there have been reasonably successful installations
of other Linux systems on the Compaq V2000 series computers using
the Turion 64-bit processor, but has anyone tried a current SuSE on
an Turion laptop with shared memory? Are there any SuSE specific

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