Fujitsu N3410 Hd won't boot linux.

I think that linux is seeing my ultra ata 100 as a scsi or sata device
and can't use it. what kind of drivers or modules do i need to make
this work (gory details below) . I'v installed a couple of different
distros on desktops and have not had major problems. This is probly
something obvious or easy but I am so new to this and my Google Fu is
just not up to this.

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Basic Specs
Fujitsu Lifebook N3410
Intel Pentium m 740 1.73GHz
915GM chipset
512M Ram
Graphics - mobile Intel 915GM/GMS 910GML
HD - Toshiba MK8025GAS - Ultra DMA 100 - it is an ata not a sata drive
according to specs @ toshiba
IDE/ATA controlers intel 82801FB/FBM Ultra ATA storage controlers
Windows Xp Media Center (works with no problems)
all of these specs came from windows hardware manager and Fujitsu

opps allmost forgot
Here how i partitioned it - primary for linux drives so that windows
can't see the drives and want to format them. fat 32 so that i can
transfer stuff between win and linux

part1: ntfs (shrank to 15G) - primary
part2: reiser 15G - primary
part3: swap 3 gig - primary
part4: extended/logical fat32

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Basic Scenario

I installed debian (5 times same results) etch (and sarg) kernal 2.6.xx

(and 2.6 generic & 2.4) the net install for the latest driver and
stuff. I boot up and install. I get to disk partitioning. The
patitioning software recognizes the hard drive (even has the right
modle # and size) as sda not hda but it recognizes the partitions and
lets me work with them. I partition and format. go through the entire
install without any problems (that I am aware of). Install grub it
recognizes win xp for dual boot. finish installation. Reboot and grub
comes up no problem choose linux and starts booting (I think) it
rattles off a bunch of ata errors (see below) and drops me to grub
shell. I can't seem to do anything here that is effective to solve the

debian error messages
These are the ones that i remember.they moved by very fast and look
like the same error messages i got with kanotix as it booted.
ata1: Status=0x51 { driveready seekcomplete error }
ata1: error=0x40 { drivestatus error }
endrequest: I/O error dev sda nsector 156301424

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Attempted solutions
Checked google & google/linux checked linux on laptops (only 1 n series
and it was much older) looked at several other lifebooks did not see
any with similar problem. Tried repartitioning - Checked partitions
with Partition Magic, Partition Commander, Partition Manager. Checked
hard drive with two different diagnostic packages - reported no
problems Re- Installed again and again and again checking and
repartitioning each time. Grub works can boot to windows or attempt the
linux. Next tried several different live cd's (i'v been playing with
these on and off for several months on my desktop computers) with
different results. Here are the results.

================================================== ====
2005-4, 2006 ce-bit rc 3 with many different boot options.
Boots up and every thing seems to work (there are error messages during

boot look below full details). Sound, excelant video, even the wirless
and i have net access. The hard drive shows on the desktop as sda.
can't access it. try launching qtparted and it goes into never never
land (same thing happens in knoppix).and it seems to keep trying to
acess the hard drive all the time and the 2nd set of errors on terminal
1 just keep
scrolling on and on.

1st set of errors
ata1: translated ata stat/err 0x51/04 to scsi sk/asc/ascq 0xb/00/00 -
REPEATS 5 TIMES and then
Buffer I/O errors on device sda logical block 0
repeats all the above 3 times

continues to boot and the next set of errors
ata1: port reset p_is 40000001 is 1 pis 0 cmd 4017 tf 4d1 ss 113 se 0
ata1: translated ata stat/err 0x51/04 to scsi sk/asc/ascq 0xb/00/00
ata1: staus=0x51 { driveready seekcomplete error }
ata1: error=0x40 { drivestatus error }
endrequest: I/O error dev sda sector xxxxxxxx (changes)
buffer I/O error on device sda logical block xxxxxxxxxxx
repeats the above endlessly.

================================================== ======
4.0.2 2005 9-23 tried several different boot options
Boots great. no error messages.sound video and wireless works. does not
endlessly try to access the hard drive. looks good seems ok except is
try to use qt-parted and the it goes into never never land. SDA shows
up on the desktop but you can't mount it

================================================== =======
Gentoo live
1st time boots lots of sata messages then seems to freez on ahci for 20
or 30 seconds and then just stops when it tries the cd. Attempting to
mount CD:- /dev/sda and just stops there i'v left it going for a couple
minutes and nothing happens. Boot with the nosata option and it boots
great and it mounts the cd as /dev/hda.
================================================== ========
Ubuntu and Kubuntu (no x-server working) and a couple of others can't
even boot up and tried al sorts of options

Sorry that this is so long and drawn out. I didn't know what
information you need. I would be thankful for any help or explanations
of this problem.

Thank You

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