Chris wrote:

> Geico Caveman wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am trying to autodetect a Canon Powershot G6 digital camera to my
>> machine using digikam. As root, the camera is properly auto-detected and
>> connected. As a normal user, that fails. I cannot even seem to specify
>> which ports to look at (auto-detection as root reports usb: - probably a
>> udev quirk, something I am not familiar with).
>> Sounds like a permissions problem. What do I check / fix ?

> This could be a group permissions problem. Depending on the system
> you're using the sub-division of permissions to access particular parts
> of the system can be very finely defined. Make sure that the user is a
> member of the 'camera' and/or 'usb' group, if they exist on your system.
> /etc/group has a list of all the available groups and typing 'groups
> username' at the command-line reveal what groups that user is member of.
> See also:
> man group
> man groups
> Or check /etc/fstab to see that the mount point for your camera is
> mountable by 'users'.

Thanks for the hint. For anyone else that might need a reference - the group
that the user needs to be a member is called "plugdev". Membership to the
group "camera" by itself (haven't checked for the plugdev only case) does
not make a difference.

I am running hald (the abstraction layer) and plugdev allows members to
connect to devices that may be plugged in.

digikam works perfectly now.