I'm wrestling FC4 onto the abovementioned laptop, it's not an easy
thing. The biggest problem I have at the moment is not being able to
get native X graphics working. This laptop uses the S3 Unichrome Pro
IGP K8M800 (1106:3108).

I built and installed x.org 6.9 (since I couldn't build 6.8.2 for some
reason) and built the xf86-video-unichrome-0.2.3 driver. Installed it
but when I try and run X all I get is a black screen that slowly fades
to white; i.e. LCD not being clocked.

The Monitor section is vanilla:
HorizSync 30 - 70
VertRefresh 50 - 160
Option "dpms"

I load the via_drv.o with no options. Experimented with LCDDualEdge
option and ActiveDevice option. No dice.

Searched for people using the Unichrome adapter and they are all using
very standard sorts of modelines. I tried patching via_id.c with the
correct chip ID:

{"Averatec 3715", VT3108, 0x14FF, 0x0315, TRUE},

but still no luck.

Any ideas where to go with this?

BTW, the other problems I am having are problems with the Cardbus and
1394 adapters, all sorts of odd problems. And audio doesn't work
either, although all the modules appear to be loaded correctly. Most
odd, but I'll work on those issues once I've got the graphics solved.