I had something like redhat 6 running pretty well on this laptop. Then
I tried to upgrade to RH9.0 a couple of years back and got this random
hang problem. I put it on the back burner until recently when I
decided to give it another go, this time with Fedora Core 4. Here's my

-Compaq Presario AMD K6 3D+
-192Mb RAM
-60Gb HD
-ATI Rage mobility-M1 AGP
-Synaptics touchpad
-dual boot w/Win98

The problem is basically that the system freezes solid sometime after X
starts up. It's quite random and has occured from early in the rhgb
info screen to well after the window manager has started and I've
tinkered around for a half hour or so. It's not tied to, say, the
first time I use the touchpad.

Currently, I have all power management turned of via the kernel

apm=off acpi=off

I've tinkered with monitor/graphics settings but that seems to have no
effect. I yanked out my jumpdrive and PCMCIA wireless card (that were
attatched during the install) but to no avail.

I've googled the web and groups extensively but haven't found the
silver bullet.

Any words or URLs of wisdom much appreciated.