This is a tale of Linux and a ThinkPad 600X that I installed Mandriva 2005
onto a while back. I hadn't been able to get it to sleep properly. And it
was especially irritating because rather than failing in a normal way, what
would happen when I closed the lid and then re-opened it later was that the
screen would come on, display the screen that it had when it was closed,
but THEN it would reboot from scratch.

I would have suspected that this might be insoluble, but I'd used liveCDs on
this machine, and a few of those behaved a bit more gracefully, with
caveats. Knoppix 3.6 or so would deal with a close of the top by not
actually spinning down and sleeping, but turning the display off and on at
the appropriate points. Knoppix 3.7 and later do the spinning down,
sleeping and waking thing ALMOST correctly -- after the unit wakes up, most
of the stuff works except for sound applications. Dynebolic liveCDs seem
to behave similarly.

So I tried the various power options that Mandriva ships with, and I tried
the ThinkPad Mandriva module, and I tried the stuff on the various
(excellent!) Mandrake/Thinkpad 600X sites. No improvement in Mandriva's
behavior, so I hypothesize that since the sites were all from 2002 or
before, then it might be something newer that makes for the oddness. And
from there, it's just a process of elimination involving taking careful
notes and such.

But before I got around to this, I noticed some interesting bits in the
release announcement for Kubuntu 5.10, which came out recently. I burned a
liveCD of that and booted from it. Its sleeping capabilities seemed on a
par with recent Knoppix releases.

And I was telling a friend about all this, and rebooted the 600X under
Mandriva to show the odd sleep behavior. But no, it didn't do it's old
trick, this time! Now it doesn't spin down, but it powers the display on
and off just fine.

That's encouraged me to start hoping I can make this machine my default
laptop, and I've even started checking out KDE-specific stuff like Knotes,
with which I'm typing this as a test post.

So, I know the ThinkPad 600X is an old machine, but I'm wondering how it is
that a LiveCD can change its sleep behavior in a way that lasts, or did
something in Mandriva change itself when I wasn't looking?

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