I'm considering to buy some video projector and use it for displaying
presentation prepared with latex-beamer.

I've stumbled upon IBM E400 & E500 projectors (they offfer 3-year warranty &
3-month warranty for lamp :-) and by browsing user manuals, I saw a strange
note in E500 manual, stating that mouse functions on the projector work
only with Win2K & WinXP.

Cause I'm on the Gentoo desktop and want to use Linux-only on the laptop,
I'm interested whether this information is typical in the sense that Mac &
Linux users are ignored, or is it really relevant, i.e. one cannot control
presentation from the Linux?

(There is no such note in E400 user manual.)

For some other video-projectors (e.g. BenQ 6110 & 6240), it is only stated
that there are PageUp & PageDown buttons on the remote enabling one to move
forward/backward in his/her PowerPoint presentation :-(

So, can anyone shed some light on Linux-laptop-presentator-newbie in regard
the remote control buttons & running presentation from Linux?

btw, latex-beamer produces PDF file, but I'd like to avoid having M$ on the
laptop just to execute pdf viewer.