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|=| DELL Laptops and Mandriva Linux?

Mandriva has announced "DELL Releases its First Linux Consumer
Product with Mandriva"[1], the DELL Latitude 110L will be
available with Mandriva pre-loaded. This press release is not
online anymore! A posting a InfoWorld[2] describes some more background
"This is really nothing new. Dell installs any distro or software that a
customer requires through our CFI (Custom Factory Integration) program.
This is usually for larger customers with very specific needs rather
than your typical consumer. In this case, Dell won a bid with the
French Ministry of Education. Based on the needs of the end-user,
Dell opted to leverage its CFI capabilities to offer French students
the 'n-series' Latitude 110L notebook with Mandriva Linux
pre-installed. [So] the Latitude 110Ln with the Mandriva OS is
limited to a French Ministry of Education program available only to
students. When Mandriva saw this they quickly put out a press release
without Dell's authorization or knowledge which made it appear as if
Dell was pre-installing their OS on Dell systems [in general] rather
than the more accurate CFI story." LinuxToday[3] asked the DELL CEO:
"Now that a laptop with pre-installed Mandrake Linux is available in
France, will DELL follow up with Linux laptops in the US or other
nations?" The CEO Michael Dell denied this because "distributions of
Linux are too "alienated", from each other to make that work".

[1] http://www.mandriva.com/company/pres...corporate/2564
[2] http://weblog.infoworld.com/smbit/ar...nd_mandri.html
[3] http://linuxtoday.com/it_management/2005093001826NWHWSW

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