I would like to configure my computer to recognize and use a PCMCIA modem,
in spite of the presence of a built-in softmodem.

I am running RHEL 4 WS on a Dell Inspiron 9300, which happens to be a
multiboot system. It has a built-in Conexant "modem" with no on-board DSP.
I have a Zoom 3075L (V.92) with DSP for the PCMCIA slot.

WinXP has no problem recognizing and using either modem.

Kudzu is apparently panicked by the modems; it makes rather arbitrary
declarations about their absence, often in conflict with the brute facts.

While the PCMCIA modem is installed, and kudzu has acknowledged the presence
of two generic modems (one presumably the Conexant thing, the other the PC
Card modem), the GUI hardware survey app only acknowledges the presence of
one generic modem.

I don't particularly want to use the softmodem in linux; if the solution
configures the system to be blind to it, that's fine.