the "TuxMobil News Digest" for August 2005[1] has good news
for Linux PDA, mobile phone, laptop and notebook users. Here is an
extract of the most important or most interesting messages.
If you are missing news, applications or documents, don't
hesitate to contact me.

Please support our work by submitting news and Linux reports about
laptops, notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones and portable media players.

Werner Heuser

|=| Monthly Highlights

|=| TuxMobil - more than 4,000 Linux laptop installation reports

TuxMobil has got a burst in Linux laptop and notebook installation report
submissions recently. Since February more than 1,000 installation reports
have been submitted. Today the number of reports exceeded 4,000.
Contributors from all over the world are providing tips and tricks to get
Linux and other UniX flavors running on almost any laptop model starting
from ELKS Linux on laptops with 286 CPU to 64bit distributions on machines
equipped with AMD64.


|=| Linux-Mobile-Guide: get Linux going on laptops, PDAs and more (3.17)

A new issue of the Linux-Mobile-Guide is available. This guide covers
laptop, notebook, PDA and mobile (cell) phone related Linux features, such
as installation methods (via network interface, without CD/DVD drive,
etc.), hardware features (PCMCIA, IrDA, BlueTooth, APM, ACPI, etc.) and
configurations for different environments.


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[1] http://tuxmobil.org/mobile_news_2005_08.html

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