i have a Sony Ericsson k750i and want to sync the address book with
evolution through bluetooth with multisync.
That's my first time using bluetooth and try to sync a mobile phone with
my PC.
Multisync and the k750i can connect and if i try to sync he can copy the
address book entries from the k750i to evolution but the evolution entries
doesn't get copied to the k750i.
At the first try the log of multisync tells me that the sync of 11 entries
was succeeded (11 is exactly the number of evolution entries which should
be copied to the k750i), but the entries doesn't appear on the k750i. If i
try to sync a second time the log tells me "no new changes reported" but
there are still no evolution entries on the k750i.

Does someone have an idea what's going wrong?

Thanks a lot!