My Thinkpad 600E is showing its age, and I'm thinking about upgrading.
Having owned both a Hewlett Packard and a Toshiba laptop in the past as
well as two Thinkpads (this one and the older 380), my experience has
taught me that no brand stands up to the day-to-day use and abuse that I
put my machines through quite as well as a Thinkpad.

Yeah, they've won my deserved brand loyalty.

One of the things I like to do with my 600 is watch video, mostly anime,
although I imagine if I get something like a T31, which has a DVD
player, I might watch other more demanding things like full-motion
video. Has anyone gotten the S-Video-Out to work on a Thinkpad, and if
so, was it as much of a pain in the neck as everyone who works with
Radeons says it is?