Hi all!!

Only a few words to announce the opening on http://linux.carbonetti.org of
some new
services dedicated to who searches info and files on Linux:

* A search engine on the RPM Archive (*.rpm) with information, list of
contents and search of dependencies of the file requested!

* A search engine to find an rpm package given a file. It's useful if you
know which package owns the file you specify.

* Linux Newsgroups archived on daily basis as a compressed mailbox digest.

* A search engine on newsgroups with the ability to search by by day and
by newsgroup.

* Gateway of the newsgroups on the web with the ability to view the
messages ordered by subject, date, author and thread.

* Many mirrors online with tons of files except .iso images due to huge disk
requirements and because the primary goal of this site is the Rpm search
Mirrors available: redhat, centos, suse, freshrpms, contrib, fedora,

* .... and much more!!

The address: http://linux.carbonetti.org

For more info: http://linux.carbonetti.org/contact.html

Thank you for your time reading this!

Bye Bye!

Daniele Carbonetti

Daniele Carbonetti
Unix System Administrator
Email: sun75@danielec.it