I'm trying to turn this old subnotebook into a wireless VNC viewer.
Everything works splendidly except the wireless networking. I've
tried several Atheros based cards with 2.4 kernels in both Debian
Sarge and Slackware 10.1 and Debian supplied madwifi as well as CVS.
The system has a TI1130 controller. I see the following symptoms:

network slows or drops after a while requiring reinitialization
system freezes
occassionally the kernel panics

Does CARDBUS ready mean 32 bit?
Could it be that my system has 16 bit slots and the problems are due
to 32 bit cards?

The same cards work great on my Casio Fiva running Ubuntu, but it is a
far more modern machine. I've been unable to install Ubuntu on the HP
due to it only having 32M RAM.

Any help would be appreciated,