I'm trying to use ndiswrapper to use a Belkin F5D7010 wireless card.
All goes smoothly until I do:
# modprobe ndiswrapper

At this point, the install instructions say the light on the card
should come on - it doesn't, so:

# dmesg | grep ndiswrapper
ndiswrapper version 1.0rc2 loaded (preempt=yes,smp=no)
ndiswrapper: driver bcmwl5 (Broadcom,07/17/2003, added
ndiswrapper: request for irq 0 failed
ndiswrapper (ndis_init_one_pci:95): Windows driver couldn't initialize
the device (C000009A)

The driver appears to be the correct one, according to the information
from ndiswrapper's wiki.

I'm using Ubuntu 4.10, with kernel 2.6.10-2-686, which is odd because
this is the Ubuntu 5.04 kernel...

I suspect that the system's been updated from 4.10 and the About page

Any ideas about ndiswrapper?

- QS Computing.