I have waproamd installed on Sarge/Testing and everything seems to work
except for assigning a key automatically.

I have a file in /etc/waproamd/keys of the form 00:00:00:00:00:00.wep
which contains one key. The key _is_ correct as I can copy and paste it
onto the command line and it works.

However although my wireless card connects I cannot reach the network
until I type iwconfig wlan0 key xxxxxxxxxxx.

I have discovered, by running waproamd in the foreground, that the script
in /etc/waproamd/scripts is being run and that it extracts and applies the
correct encryption key.

dhclient is then run which contacts the DHCP server on my network and is
assigned an IP address. I assume from this that at this point the wireless
network link is made - otherwise how could the DHCP server be contacted?

However when this processing has finished the network encryption key
appears to have been lost, iwconfig shows 'enc: off', and the network
connection is no longer active. The light on the wireless Cardbus card is
glowing steadily through all this. If I then set the key with iwconfig as
mentioned above everything starts working.

I don't understand why this is happening - can anyone help?

I'm running Debian Sarge/Testing
kernel 2.4.27
waproamd 0.6-7
hotplug 0.0.2004032
Barry Samuels
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