a few days ago I have got a link to the 3,000th Linux laptop
installation report submitted. This is a milestone showing the
increasing popularity of the installation survey.

Please support our work by submitting news and Linux reports about
laptops, notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones and portable media players.

The "TuxMobil News Digest" for February 2005[1] has good news
for Linux PDA, mobile phone, laptop and notebook users. Here is an
extract of the most important or most interesting messages.
If you are missing news, applications or documents, don't
hesitate to contact me.

Werner Heuser

|=| Monthly Highlights

|=| Make your laptop shock resistent. Do you want to use a
CompactFlash card as the only disk drive in a laptop?
PCMCIA root fs boots from a floppy disk using a PCMCIA drive,
(I suppose you may boot from an USB stick, too), some laptops are
even capable to boot from a PCMCIA drive directly:

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[1] http://tuxmobil.org/mobile_news_2005_02.html

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