I am writing a tool to manage cpu frequency scaling, ACPI management and
some other stuff for linux laptops.

WPD is a featureful deamon for Linux whose aim is to allow an easy
management of the cpufreq frequency scaling capabilties of modern Centrino,
AMD and similar CPUs and an easy reading of ACPI data. WPD is under active
and heavy development but it is quite stable, what i need is more people to
test it with different hardware configurations and help in the development
process (specially in the plugin business because i am no good in GUI's).

Capabilities and functionalities:
# Completely idle daemon (no background activity if not requested)
# Autoconfigures itself at startup with available supported capabilities
# Support for configuration via /etc file
# Uses Linux 2.6 cpufreq
# Retrieve ac status
# Check if battery is installed
# Retrieve battery remaining capacity
# Retrieve battery discharge rate
# Retrieve battery maximum capacity
# Retrieve cpu current frequency
# Retrieve cpu current frequency governor
# Support for ASUS 4 ACPI extensions
# Turn ON/OFF lcd only, external display only, both displays
# Calculate time left when in battery mode
# Retrieve the CPU (thermal zone) temperature
# Set cpu desired governor (powersave, performance, ondemand)
# Comes with a easy to use library
# Includes a Gkrellm2 plugin
# Includes a Xfce4 panel plugin (xfce 4.2.0)
# Retrieve complete list of available CPU frequencies
# Present a visual alert when battery is empty (Gkrellm2 and Xfce4 plugins)
# Collect many ACPI related data and present them with unified interface

The official web site is:

The code is on CVS at cvs.berlios.de, project name wpd modulename wpd-0.0

The official mailing list is wpd gardiol.org (to subcribe, not
required, write to wpd-subscribe gardiol.org).

If anybody can have a look, try it, suggest improvements, report bugs,
provide code, do some RPM packages (gentoo ebuilds are avaialble and debian
packages should be on the way).

Thank you!

Willy Gardiol - willy@gardiol.org