"Moe 512" wrote in news:1105986554.053918.198820I
want to install linux on it (this will be my first linux install). I
> have a pc with winxp on it, a router, I imagine I could get a cheap
> pcmcia nic card, and I assume the floppy drive works (original floppy,
> so should boot I think). Unfortunately, I've read directions for a hdd
> install(I don't want to do that- I want to format the whole drive and
> start a new), and a network install but I didn't understand those. I
> think I'd like to try the network install (if someone has a different
> suggestion, please let me know)- but all the guides I've found were

> complicated for my newbie self. Any help would be appreciated.

I've done network installs of both debian and Red hat ES via boot
floppies. It's not that hard. I'm blind so I *normally* install linux
that way.

For each distro, you need at least 2 diskettes, a boot floppy and a root
floppy. With some you have to make some driver diskettes too. Debian
woody takes 4 diskettes So you make these diskettes, boot from the boot
diskette, put the others in when asked, and then you get a series of
screens walking you through the installation.

It should automatically detect your network card, even a pcmcia one. All
you have to do is select a mirror site to download the files from.

None of these things are all that difficult all by themselves. But
you're working on solving several problems at once. Installing on a
laptop can be tricky. Installing from CDs is easier than a network
install. And making the diskettes is another thing you'll have to learn
how to do. None of it's *that* difficult but it will take some patience
on your part.