i run xandros oce 2.0 on a toshiba 1805-s204 laptop.

some things that i can't seem to get working properly are:

dpms: display wont power off after x amount of minutes have passed. the
display always stays on, either ac powered or battery powered.

under power control in the control panel: it says acpi suspend/standby is
not supported. is this maybe a xandros unsupported thing? could i used
another distro that would?

because of this i find i cannot close the top and have the laptop go to
sleep suspend/standby. it stays on all the time unless i tell it to shut
down, which it does.

i cannot "restart" the computer. i must shutdown, then use the power button.
no biggie, but i think it all has to do with acpi not working.

should i switch distos? what could i do to get these things working?