Hello. I've got a nice new Dell Inspiron 600m. I'm stuck with X.org
drivers for my radeon card under FC3, and suspend/resume does not work
quite right. On resume the screen is fragged until I reset the system.

The hardware:
Dell Inspiron 600m
ATI Radeon 9000 M9 (r250)

The software:
Fedora Core 3, 2.6.9 kernel
X.org 6.8.1
X.org's ATI drivers -- ATI's don't work with X.org 6.8.x

Two questions! One, has anyone found a work-around, and more
importantly, two: does suspend/resume work with ATI's fglrx drivers and
the Radeon M9?

-Walter Moore

Walter R. Moore -- System Administrator, Eckerd College
moorewr@tampabay.rr.com -- http://home.eckerd.edu/~moorewr

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