Still fiddling with the cpufreq, laptop_mode, and services when
changing AC/battey operation. The stock FC2 (and 3 looks like)
apmscript doesn't set the modes and services at boot or resume.
I think I have that fixed now, and have it working using the new
sysfs cpufreq interface. Hopefully all this will stretch battery
life a bit and not require so much individial hacking in rc.local and

Tested on my R40. It _should_ work on other boxen. Anyone brave
enough to try this and tell me if I'm on the right track. (pretty
much a noob...) look at the "CPU Frequency
scaling (speedstep) and Laptop Mode" section.

William D Waddington
"Even bugs...are unexpected signposts on
the long road of creativity..." - Ken Burtch