I'm now having a number of small issues related to the laptop. I did get
sarge installed on the pcmcia network card, after figuring out how to
get it recognized. And that was, when the requester asked which driver
needed to be used, I had to remove, and re-insert the pcmcia network
card, nd it worked, and has worked ever since.

The default settings have KDM start upon boot-up. Nice touch for my

Question 1. How do I get network services to start after pcmcia? Once
booted, things work as they are supposed to, but numerous error messages
until pcmcia services start.

Question 2. the trackball has quit working in X, though lsmod shows both
mousedev & psmouse loaded. They are entered in my /etc/modules file.

Question 3. The onboard sound does not work. googled to get it to work,
and I do (next question to make it automatically) have it working. How
do I get Debian not to try and configure it every-time I boot?