I have had regular problems using Red Hat Linux 9.0 over my Thinkpad
R40 (I know RH 9.0 was a terrible release), especially the power
management using APM. Initially, I was unable to resume after several
sleeps - X used to freeze on resume. After I shifted to the vesa
drivers (thanks to advice from this forum), I have been slightly
better. However, I have still been getting an "hda: interrup lost"
message on resuming, which requires a reboot.

All this was tolerable, till recently. Now my Linux freezes
occassionally. I suspect this is because of the atheros beta driver I
am using for my wireless card on the Thinkpad R40. But now comes the
worst part of the story: on a reboot, the machine gets stuck at the
"IBM Thinkpad" stage even before the MBR is hit (which in my case has
GRUB and not LILO).However, it resumes after 4-5 minutes.

Any clues?