Apparently Xircom released an SDK for developing Linux drivers for several
of their cards in the 2001-2002 time frame, before Intel bought them. Since
then the only thing coming out of Intel is "Xircom!??!? Go wank yourself."

Does anyone have or know where I can locate a copy of the SDK? I have a
client with a fleet of deployed legacy linux laptops that he'd like to
network using Xircom PE3-10BaseT adapters. We have a source that has enough
adapters (at least they currently have them), but I need to write a Linux
driver to use them. At this point, the laptops are working reliably and
quickly enough. The belief is that it will be cheaper to write a linux
driver for a legacy adapter connected to legacy laptops compared to
replacing all of the laptops with new laptops.

I'll open source the driver, assuming I can find the SDK. Any help finding
the SDK - or an already written driver - is greatly appreciated.